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I am a bold, assertive, passionate, queer, femme domme, Confidence Specialist, modeling for others how to take up space unapologetically.

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I have been sober and introspective for three decades, using therapy, coaching, and the 12 steps to look inward and grow outward. I am an outspoken educator and public speaker in professional and personal life with a feminist, LGBTQIA+, and BDSM perspective. I use BDSM as a path to clear communication, empowerment, and healing.

Currently working on a memoir and badass handbook called “How To Be the Queen.”I am also a great parent! Mom to a brave, self-aware, non-binary teenager who takes up space and knows their worth

Working with Dawn was such a profound and empowering experience! She creates an environment that is completely judgement free and it allowed me to really open up about things that have been considered “weird” or “taboo” by others. I love that she allowed me such a space for my own expression! She brought comfort and wisdom, but she also brought so much fun and excitement to our session! I highly recommend everyone works with her!
Dawn engaged in deep listening. She cracked open my intuition and heart, she let me lead myself to my greatest wants and desires in the areas that we conversed around. She created a safe space. Her ability to tap into her own story to create empathy and understanding around my world was beautiful.
Dawn is amazing! She has given me the gift of learning to love and accept myself as I am. She has also helped me to become much more confident with who I truly am and what I want in my life! I am amazed by the transformation I see in myself after working with her!!
Dawn was insightful, investigative and sensitive to my intense and complex feelings around a subject that will likely continue to present challenges throughout my life (without the right boundaries anyway). She was nurturing and affirming but also issued a challenge focused at the core of my overall internal struggle that has already proven to be helpful. Thank you for this powerful and rewarding experience!
Dawn does incredible things. She has inspired me to love myself more and better. Her presence alone made me want to work for it.
I can't say enough about what I am gaining and using from these hours together. What Dawn does works. If you need a boost to get out of a funk or to take your life to the next level, she should be your first stop. Do it. You'll be grateful you did.
After the mindfulness sessions, I have gone to bed feeling calm and peaceful (this is not the norm for me!). I’m learning how to meditate and feel successful about it even if my mind wanders. Spending time with the other women and learning from them is invaluable. Give it a try!
I was feeling alone and disconnected from myself and the world. My own meditation and mindfulness strategies were feeling empty and ineffective. My inner critic was demanding too much of the time I tried to set aside on my own. Participating in these sessions has been a true gift. A gift to myself that I both needed and deserved. I am connecting with others and learning I'm not alone in what I seek and need. I definitely recommend this gift to yourself. You are worth it.